dimanche 14 septembre 2008


Do I really need to comment? We might get one or two kittens and aren't they gorgeous. I'm not exactly sure how our cat family of the mum and two kids will react to some more turning up but... who cares they're so CUTE. And they might even get on with the dogs unlike Mum, Tabbifur and Bounty who definitely don't.

Morning? already!

Morning? Already?

I hate mornings! During the whole summer I had completely forgotten that the world existed before midday then one day I was asked to set my alarm for seven o'clock which I did reluctantly and once I had done it I thought: that wasn't so bad. It was only the next morning that I realised what a huge mistake I'd made. It felt as though someone had hit me on the head with a hammer and I shouldn't even know what that feels like because I don't drink. Well of course I drink but not alcohol. Anyway I've been forced for two weeks to wake up at the crack of dawn and now at last, it's the weekend. Yesterday I slept untill half past ten but last night, charlotte was really scared by an episode of casualty so she slept in my bed, diagonaly. To make matters worse she woke me up at ten past eight. I mean TEN PAST EIGHT ON A WEEKEND??? Are you MAD Charlotte?
Then when I eventually mustered up the courage to go downstairs (around half past nine) I asked my mum the question that got me into such big trouble.
What are we doing today?
Well actually it was her answer that started it.
You know Rob it's the new verion of AVG that slows this computer down, we're going to Nana's and Poppa's, I downloaded it last night, I need to pop into beauville to pick up our stuff... about two-ish...

And she said all of this while staring at her computer screen which, as I pointed out was very impolite and gave me the impression that she wasn't paying me any attention. Of course my mum is never wrong so she said that it had never bothered me before, and I said it had so the argument went on. Now whenever she talks to me, she puts her face five inches avay from mine and stares at me. No it isn't funny!

mercredi 10 septembre 2008

I'm back

After a summer's worth of nothing I'm back and I have so many things to say it may take me years!
Not only am I back on my blog but I'm back at school. The thing about school is that as much as people tell you these are the best years of my life and that I should make the most of them, the fact still remains: lessons are B.O.R.I.N.G! For some reason as soon as I'm sat behind a desk in front a a black board and a teacher (who, I have decided can't posiibly be from the same species as us) I just zone out. I can remind myself as much as I like that this year is important because my results throughout the year count for more than half my points in my exam... but I can't concentrate. It isn't that everything goes in through one ear and out the other, nothing even gets that far, it bounces off that invisible wall that surrounds me and I end up thinking about random things like: how come, if you but chocolate spread on toast, it tastes better than if you put it on bread? and why does Chloe (our dog) keep bringing the same rock in and putting it in exactly the same place in the middle of the floor? Which, as far as I know, has absolutely nothing to do with the technology lesson on calculating the basic price of a product by including other costs. And the worst thing is that I've only been back six days.
One good thing about school is my friends, over the summer holidays, I had forgotten their little ways. Three of my friend Coraline's friends have asked her out and as usual she has made a huge fuss about it. Jade is already picking on Sarah saying she's embarrassed to be with her. And I have managed to get myself and Sarah invited to the boy she's fancied for two years under the pretext of starting a band. I never play cupid because I've noticed that things don't tend to work out after someones lied to one of the unlucky couple about one of them fancying the other... but this time it might work so I'm just going to let them be and hope for the best!

mercredi 9 juillet 2008

I have been really lazy over the past few days and I haven't written at all in my blog, it's the holidays, I'd rather be asleep. The last couple of days I spent with Sarah, she's really sweet and brilliant at piano. My sisters have been suffering from a titanic overload, that's all we've played and sung the whole time she's been here. We spent most of the time trying to convince my sisters and their friend to play the recorder for us. They weren't in the best of moods in the first place so the answer was pretty obvious: "which part of no don't you understand? The N or the O?". We've decided to play it at my birthday party instead with my other friends playing the recorder.
My birthday party is tomorrow although my birthday is next Wednesday. I'm going to have me, my two sisters and five friends all sleeping in a tent we're going to put up in the first place. It's going to be great fun!
I am feeling particularly uncooperative this morning since I was woken up at 11 (the crack of dawn!!!!) by my sisters shoving a note under my nose. I read it and it said:




PS. Don't leave out sticky chocolate spread knives or all your breakfast
stuff unless you want to live with ants

vendredi 27 juin 2008

I've been really busy because the day before yesterday it was my sister's birthday and yesterday it was my mum's birthday and today I've had my friend Sarah over. She's french and doesn't talk much. I straightened her hair because she's wanted done for months now and it was the greasiest hair I've ever felt. You could have literally fried chips in it, I had to wash my hands after and I spent the whole time trying to stop myself from asking her when she last washed it. It was starting to turn into dreadlocks.
For Izzy's birthday we went out shopping and I think I bought more than her. I spent 20 euros on a pair of pyjamas, three tops, a pair shorts and a handbag. I think I was doing quite well until we reached the shoe shop, I spent 15 euros on a pair of shoes I just fell in love with which kind of ruined the whole "over all I'll spend less than thirty euros" thing.
My family are outside now and despite the fact that they have about thirty citronella candles around them, they are being bitten to death. I have told them that there was no way I was going to join them so I'm sitting inside listening to music and typing. Before that I was filming myself singing and playing the guitar (yes I'm that bored) and I'll put them on my blog as soon as I work out how to change things from cassette to file on the pc.
For those of you out there who are just as bored of me go on www.fonejacker.com it is hilarious!

mardi 24 juin 2008

Vocabulaire, vocabulaire...

Who, out of you people reading my blog who have probably got much better things to do, knows what "tautology" is?
I didn't until the other day when my dad told me it was saying the same thing twice using different words. As opposed to tortology which is the study of cakes.
example: free gift (a gift is necessarily free otherwise it isn't a gift)
The other thing me and my dad looked up on Wikipedia (we were bored) was paradoxes. The best one has to be:
The next sentence is true. The previous sentence is false.
See if you can work that one out!